Every once in a long while you find a place you step into and find yourself happiliy stuck, like delicious warm quicksand.  Here in Nungwi, I’ve spent 6 hours and already it feels like I’ve lived here for 6 years.  Like a broken-in pair of old boots.  The sea is … well turquoise comes to mind but tanzanite seems more appropriate.  I’ve seen my share of so-called "white-sand" beaches, but outside of Whitsundy Island in Oz, this place takes the cake.  Maybe it takes the frosting.  The sand looks like the dust from a marble-shaping factory; fine white powder that dazzles and dances in the brilliant afternoon sun.  I take picture after picture, and after comparing the LCD screen to what my eyes are witnessing, decide its pointless.
I have the daunting schedule of absolutely nothing to do for the next 10 days.  And I’m loving it, like I was just handed the keys to a south pacific island willed to me by a great-aunt.  Dhows, traditional fishing boats, and modern luxury cats are bobbing in front of me in a glittery silver sea, produced by the low afternoon rays bouncing off the lightly crinkled aluminum foil ocean.  I’m on my 3rd liter of Tusker, and I haven’t felt this relaxed and in tune with the flow of life since I had my first massage after my first surf in Bali.

People in front of me are swinging on bamboo benches, while to my right couples sway in hemp hammocks.  Really good beachy music is groovin’ its way into my bones, the chill house beats synchronized with the crash of the waves.  I’ve already met a dozen cool locals and westerners; all have that look in their eye: I’m on Zanzi-time.  Worries will be worried about manana.  And tomorrow, manana will still be manana.  That’s the beauty of it.  A place like this is lived in the moment.  It grabs onto your sandles, flows up into your heart and mind until the chatter in your head becomes as smooth as the Indian Ocean in front of you.
Its time to be.  Time to exist.  To savor the details and seconds that normally flash by your life like the window of a speeding car.  Hakuna matata, rafiki.  Tatuonana.