Dude.  Buenos Aires (BA from here out) is no joke.  There should be a sign when you get off the plane: "prepare to get ass kicked.  Don´t worry, you´ll like it."  After a week of eating juicy steaks bigger than my head, I´ve started spontaneously moo-ing occasionally.  I´ve drunk so many gallons of Argentinian wine my blood has taken on a nice shade of purple.  Tango is my new favorite way to have sex with my clothes on.  And I´ve learned to perversely enjoy going to bed at 10am and waking up for brunch at 2pm.  I noticed my front teeth were starting to look a bit sharper, either its from eating all the meat or I´ve turned into a night-loving, bloody-steak eating vampire.

I had heard good things about BA, but holy crap I think I´ve actually fallen in love with a city.  And it doesn´t have a surf beach or any mountains to fulfill my two sporting crack habits.  How the hell did this happen?  Maybe its the beautiful baroque architecture that fills the city center, the bustle that gives it a New York energy, or that bright pink palace where Evita gave her famous speech.  Maybe its the fact that I can have a 2 pound gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth steak with a whole bottle of wine for 5 friggin bucks!  But I know the truth, and its this: BA has the hottest women on the entire planet.  Ha! I hear you scoff.  But dude, I thought I lived in a city of hot women back in Hermosa.  This place kicks Hermosa´s ass and takes names.  You just have to see it for yourself, but every few minutes some black-haired, blue-eyed, dark-skinned beauty will walk by in a little black business jacket, skirt, and go-go boots.  And the next girl will be equally hot but with fake dark auburn hair, green eyes, and light skin.  Maybe I´ve spent too many years living in blonde bimbonia back home, but the women here are not just insanely hot, they have a certain exotica to them.
On top of that, you got the awesome soccer passion (you try jumping and singing for 2 hours straight), tango, all night clubbing, cool neighborhoods, big parks everywhere, super cheap shopping, and the fact that its easier to get around then sliding on a grease-covered ice-rink.  Subways go all over, taxis swarm like a hive of bees, and they have these long pedestrian-only streets that cross the whole city center.  Finally, I didn´t see a single Starbucks anywhere!  (Course McDonald´s has already started infecting most of the city)  They ("they" being guidebooks and the like) say its the "new prague", which of course is referring to how cool, exotic, and cheap prague was in the early 90´s before tourism really kicked into overdrive and kinda ruined it a bit.
Usually this where I start knocking a city down a few notches for something its lacking.  And as I pointed out earlier, BA doesn´t have the beaches that Rio or Barcelona have.  And it doesn´t have any close mountains (although the friggin´Andes are a short flight to be fair).  But somehow, like New York, I think that lack of natural wonders kinda forces the city residents to turn back to their city for fun.  Combine that with the freewheeling spanish influence seeping through the city´s underbelly and maybe that´s why you just get this feeling that people live life to the fullest here.
Rio you got some big shoes to fill.  Better get your act together for your interview next week