If I stare long enough hopefully it will burn into my brain
My last night in Tamagringo (Tamarindo if you are looking at a map).  I have to say… I really like this place.  Sunsets over the pacific.  Dusty dirt roads.  Plenty of places to surf, and bars to fiesta.  Not sketch like jaco, this pace has good vibes, even if its a bit overdeveloped in some ways.  I’m just chilling (finally) watching the sunset over the boats and the blue, reflecting what a great day it was.  Walked the big expanse of Playa Grande with its millions of perfect spiral shells, caught a few little knee-slappers, then in the arvo got some little barrels at Langosta.  And now its Long Island Mahi-Mahi sunset watch the bikini-clad girls learning to surf walk by with their big boards on their heads silhouetted against the sunset time.
Here at the beach bar, Copacabana (can’t help but smile at that), they got the chill beach sounds perfecting my mood with nature’s own light wave crashes tying it all together.  Its one of those brilliant clear eye-blinding orange sunsets, but I love how it turns the ocean and scattered clouds on fire and frames anonymous couples holding hands on the beach, and the surfers with their sticks.  Its a scene I’ve seen in countless painting and posters.  And here it is again just for my Costa Rican viewing pleasure.
The instant of sunset is so interesting and powerful.  For a brief moment, everyone pauses.  Vendors selling their beaded necklaces, surfers  floating on their boards, tourists looking for shells.  All heads are irresistibly pulled to the horizon and time stops.  The world stops spinning, the waves stop crashing , and silence reigns for that heartbeat when el sol slips into his bed.  There is a brief golden glow, and then wham!! the world starts turning again.  People snap out of the trance and continue their lives, the waves start crashing again, and its gone.
But for that one instant we were together, united in awe of the mystery and beauty of the universe.  That is pretty damn cool.
You ever have a moment you never want to end?  Now that’s me, right here right now at this very one.  But, it will end.  Time marches on and has no sympathy for moments.  Soon the rasta dread-locked silhouettes sitting up on that wall will go home, the last diehard surfer will straggle in from the dark, and these final threads of sunset gold will fade to black.
I can wish it wouldn’t end but I know it will.  And now………. I guess it has.  This lovely moment is gone.  I can only now write about and try to remember.  For that time when I’m back home, sitting at a cubicle at work stressing about a deadline.  Finding a minute over lunch to re-read and relive this instant once again.
Most moments vanish the instant they come.  But not this one.  I will remember it, even if in 10 years its only a hazy golden happy faded photograph.  It will have to be good enough.
La cuenta, por favor.  Guess I better get off my ass and get moving.  Everyone else has, following the relentless march of the sun.